About Flattered

A flirtation between Scandinavian simplicity and Southern European sensuality.

With our Scandinavian heritage at the core of the brand, we cherish our classics, but are playful and experimental in our design language, introducing modern forms, shapes and materials with each collection. Driven by details, we create an effortless approach to daily wear.

The name Flattered derives from the brand’s original signature collection of ballet flat slippers, first launched in 2013 in the heart of Stockholm.

Since then we’ve grown organically and creatively, developing a full range of footwear due to customer demand and desire to take their indoor shoes outdoor.

Today, we offer distinctly individual lines of footwear. Flattered Studio is our main collection with finely-crafted pieces that reflect contemporary trends. Within this, our Classic line focuses on the longevity of a style, such as our Chelsea boots, loafers and ballet flats – a selection that stands the test of time. And lastly, as one of our most successful marketing strategies, we have the Flattered X line. The collection is based on design collaborations between the brand and creative individuals. This has further strengthened our digital focus on social media, marketing, sales and logistics and in-house knowledge of online ads, which has enabled exposure on all channels and contributed to our growth.


I strongly believe in the importance of investing time with people, in every aspect of the brand. We share a close relationship with our production teams in southern Spain – the factories are family-run businesses, carefully selected for their premium quality and values, who live for their craft. These traditional manufacturing methods, combined with our environmental efforts and contemporary design ideas, allow us to evolve and build upon our brand’s balance of quality, sustainability, creativity and accessibility

— Anna Johansson, Creative Director


The Flattered Circle – our designs play a part in the individual’s everyday. From the moment they wake and slide into sumptuous slippers ahead of the first morning meeting with sartorially elegant loafers, or strolling around the city in a pair of reliable, but bold boots. When the day draws to a close, we elevate them in our stilettos to dash from dinner to the dance floor, before returning back to the comfort of slippers and to bed after a long, yet rewarding day.


One could say that our goal, is to have you as a customer as rarely as possible, not because we do not like you, but because we want your shoes to last for a long time!


The idea behind Flattered took shape in Stockholm in 2013. We wanted to create the perfect flat shoe to wear indoors. It should also be feminine, elegant and comfortable – something we saw was missing on the market. The result was Flattered, the very first indoor ballerina. With the soft leather sole and almond-shaped toe, it quickly became our signature.


Two years later, it was time for Flattered to discover land outside. We added an outdoor sole and took the first step towards becoming the full-scale shoe brand we are today.

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