About Flattered

Our customers should never have to choose between sustainability, price, design and quality. It is with that ambition we go to work every day. We also want you, when you choose us, to know that you have made a conscious choice because you have dismissed a pair of shoes that probably would have been worse for the environment.

At Flattered we make shoes for all occasions and seasons. Our team in Stockholm derive their design from the Scandinavian stripped shape and then adds playful color combinations and unexpected choice of fabrics. We call it the new classics. For production, we have got help from our friends in Spain. They are the best in the world when it comes to shoes, according to us.

One could say that our goal, is to have you as a customer as rarely as possible, not because we do not like you, but because we want your shoes to last for a long time!

The idea behind Flattered took shape in Stockholm in 2013. We wanted to create the perfect flat shoe to wear indoors. It should also be feminine, elegant and comfortable – something we saw was missing on the market. The result was Flattered, the very first indoor ballerina. With the soft leather sole and almond-shaped toe, it quickly became our signature.

Two years later, it was time for Flattered to discover land outside. We added an outdoor sole and took the first step towards becoming the full-scale shoe brand we are today.

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